Noise Regulations

The Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 (the Noise Regulations) provide an opportunity to appeal certain decisions made under the Regulations.

This includes rights of appeal in respect to:

  • decisions made by a local government or Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) in respect to noise management plans for motor sport and shooting venues;
  • decisions made by local government or DWER in respect to noise control notices issued under regulation 16;
  • decisions made by the Minister for Environment in respect to exemption approvals given under regulation 17;
  • decisions made by local government or DWER in respect to approvals for sporting, cultural and entertainment venues under regulation 19.

The types of appeal considered in this information sheet are generally open to any person.

However, some appeals can only be lodged by the holder of, or person served with, the document in question. Refer to the Noise Regulations fact sheet for details.

Appeals must be: in writing and set out the grounds of appeal received within the time limit for that type of appeal shown on the following page - late appeals cannot be accepted accompanied by the relevant appeal fee specified on the following page signed by the appellant If your appeal does not comply with these requirements, it may be determined to be invalid and will not be investigated. If you rely on supporting documentation, this should accompany your appeal.

For more information download Noise Regulations fact sheet.